Ahmad Sa’adat


Sa’adat: “I will not accept the price of my freedom to be several meters of the land of Palestine”

“I refuse to be released on the basis of a ‘condition for negotiations’ and I will not accept the price for my freedom to be several meters of the land of Palestine, the land that we have fought for and been imprisoned for. I refuse to be free on the condition of the expansion of […]

Eight Years After the Attack on Jericho Prison: Free Ahmad Sa’adat and All Palestinian Prisoners

The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat issued the following statement on the eighth anniversary of the abduction of the PFLP General Secretary and PLC member from a Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho, where he and his comrades were held under US and British guard: On March 14-15, 2006, eight years ago, Israeli military forces surrounded the […]

Protest in Al-Khalil marks eight year anniversary of Jericho assault

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society in al-Khalil held a sit-in on Saturday, March 15, marking the eighth anniversary of the attack on Jericho prison and the kidnapping of Palestinian leader and PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Hamdi Qur’an, Basil al-Asmar and Majdi Rimawi, and the struggler Fouad Shubaki. The rally […]

PFLP leaders Sa’adat and Jaghoub transferred by occupation prison authorities

The branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the occupation prisons reported that the Zionist prison authorities are engaged in a series of transfers of PFLP leaders within the prisons, beginning with imprisoned PFLP general secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, who was transferred from Shata prison to Gilboa prison on January 25. The […]

Minnesota solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian prisoners

From Fight Back News Service: Saint Paul, MN - Activists from the anti-war and the Palestine solidarity movement gathered here, Jan. 24 to demand the release of all Palestinian political prisoners and an end to Palestinian Authority (PA) security cooperation with Israeli occupation forces. The group rallied for an hour in the midst of a snowstorm. The […]

Voice of Palestine Radio: Muath Abu Al-Qumssan on Freedom Weeks and Palestinian Prisoners

Voice of Palestine radio has released a new interview with Muath Abu Alqumssan from the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat for Freedom Weeks. Muath, himself a former political prisoner, discusses the upcoming events to call for freedom for all Palestinian political prisoners, including Ahmad Sa’adat, and for an end to Palestinian Authority security cooperation with Israeli occupying […]

Freedom Weeks: Free Palestinian Prisoners, End PA Security Coordination – January 15-30

Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian Political Prisoners! End Palestinian Authority Security Coordination with Israel! From January 15-30, 2014, raise your voices around the world for FREEDOM! Marking the 12th anniversary of the abduction of Ahmad Sa’adat by Palestinian Authority intelligence services, join the  for FREEDOM WEEKS. Hold sit-ins, rallies, information tables or educational events in your area to […]

Dublin, November 29: Protest to Free Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian Prisoners

To mark this year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, éirígí will hold a ‘Free Ahmad Sa’adat – End the Occupation of Palestine’ protest outside the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Friday November 29, at 6pm. The similarities of the struggle for national liberation in Ireland and Palestine will be highlighted by the protest […]

Sa’adat: Urgent action needed for sick Palestinian prisoners

Ahmad Sa’adat, imprisoned Palestinian leader and General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called for urgent action to save the life of sick prisoners in Israeli jails, during a visit with Palestinian Prisoners’ Society lawyer Fawaz Shelouda in Shatta prison. Sa’adat said that hundreds of prisoners are suffering from chronic illness […]

Children in Gaza march for freedom of Palestinian prisoners

The International Solidarity Movement reported on a Gaza children’s march in solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian prisoners, at the start of the Global Week of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian prisoners: The event was the first in a global week of action to free Ahmad Sa’adat and other Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Sa’adat, an elected […]
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