eventrasThe Palestinian American Women’s Association of Southern California (PAWA) presents:

Join PAWA for a discussion presented by Marjorie Cohn, JD.

Sunday, December 7
2:00 PM
907 S. Beach Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92804

Join us as we host Marjorie Cohn, Professor of Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former President of the National Lawyers Guild and current Deputy Secretary of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers as she discusses the implications of the US’s targeting of our comrade and sister, Rasmea Odeh. Ms. Cohn recently authored an article titled, “US leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity,” and a book titled, Drones and Targeted Killing: Moral and Geopolitical Issues.

DATE: Friday 14th Nov 2014, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
LOCATION: G4S CEO’s Office, The Peak, 5 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1LL (across the road from Victoria Station next to Apollo Theatre)

Join us as we protest outside the headquarters of G4S’s CEO Ashley Almanza in London on friday 14th Nov 2014 demanding the immediate release of Palestinian hunger striker Raed Moussa, Sheikh Khader Adnan and all Palestinian political prisoners; and for Israel to stop its illegal policy of punitive administrative detention; and for G4S to stop its complicity in Israeli war crimes against Palestinian prisoners.



35 years old Palestinian Raed Moussa was abducted by the occupation in Jenin on 29th November 2013 and imprisoned without charge or trial under Israel’s illegal system of administrative detention. When the occupation extended the initial administrative order from 6 months to an additional 4 months Raed Moussa began an open hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. After 43 days without food the occupation relented and promised him that this time the administrative detention will not be renewed.

But Israel reneged on its promise and issued him another 4 month administrative detention in September 2014. Raed Moussa immediately restarted his hunger strike on 21st September 2014.

At the time he was caged in solitary confinement at the G4S secured Ketziot prison in the Negev desert. Since then he has been transferred to solitary confinement in Beersheba prison and with his health severely deteriorating due to his hunger strike and the prisons medical negligence he has recently been moved to Barzillai hospital. On friday he will have been on hunger strike for 55 days..


Another Palestinian prisoner held illegally under administrative detention is Sheikh Khader Adnan, he was abducted by the occupation forces on Tuesday 8th July 2014.

A former Palestinian political prisoner, Sheikh Khader Adnan is known as the father of the hunger strikers – the symbol of Palestinian resistance and steadfastness, In 2011 he was abducted and caged indefinitely without any charged or trial under Israeli illegal system of punitive administrative detention. To protest his illegal imprisonment he went on hunger strike and won his freedom. His successful 66 day hunger strike in 2012 – the longest in Palestinian history at the time, inspired over 1600 other Palestinian prisoners to hunger strike. Since his release Sheikh Khader Adnan has been the voice of the Palestinian political prisoners, ceaselessly defending their rights at every opportunity and thus is a thorn in the side of the occupation.

Sheikh Khader Adnan is a father of 6 children. Youngest are triplets just 8 months old – Ali, Hamza and Mohammed; his other son is aged 2 – Abd-Al-Rahman. His two daughters are Maali – the eldest just 6 years old, and Besan 4 years old. Khader Adnan has a degree in Mathematics, and runs a bakery in the town of Arrabah near Jenin in the West Bank. On Tuesday 8th July 2014 he was returning home to share the Iftar meal with his family after the Ramadan fast when he was abducted at a temporary checkpoint the occupation had illegally set up near his home town. 

Since his abduction 4 months ago the occupation hasn’t allowed his family to visit him apart from his two young daughters. Khader Adnan’s wife Randa Moussa recently indicated that Khader Adnan will start a hunger strike if his administrative detention order is renewed in January. She urges Palestinians and the wider solidarity movement to mobilise for the prisoners cause “Those who believe in this cause should face the authorities and take to the streets, even if it meant arrest. Freedom is not without a price.”


Administrative detention is a practice used by Israel to imprison Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial.

Prisoners are given rolling detention orders which can be anything from 1-6 months, renewable indefinitely. This is against international law. For example administrative detainee Mazen Natsheh has been locked up cumulatively for nearly 10 years without charge or trial.

Detention orders are based on so called “secret information” which never needs to be produced, either to the detainee nor their lawyer.

Administrative detention is often used to arbitrarily jail Palestinians where there is no evidence for a trial, or for punishment as in the case of 19 Palestinian MPs.

Israel has on average issued over 2000 detention orders every year (2007-2011).  Today there are 500 administrative detainees, the vast majority – 86% are locked up in G4S secured prisons like Ofer, Ketziot and Megiddo. Most of them having been transferred from the West Bank into Israel in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.


We will, inshAllah, be tweeting live from the protest with live photos being uploaded to our twitter and facebook page. So if you can’t join us on the day, please help us by sharing the photos as they get uploaded.

If you support this activity please share this alert widely, thank you.


Abbas Ali

Palestinian Prisoners Campaign

The Palestinian Prisoners Campaign aims to raise awareness for the plight of Palestinian prisoners and build solidarity for their struggle and work towards their freedom. The campaign was launched by Innovative Minds ( and the Islamic Human Rights Commission ( on the occasion of Al Quds Day 2012 (on 17th August 2012), since then we have held actions every fortnight in support of Palestinian prisoners, if you can spare two hours twice a month then please join the campaign by coming to the next action.


Mass Incarceration by Israel: The Struggles of Palestinian Political Prisoners
Thursday, November 13
12:00 PM
UC Davis King Law School, Room 2304
Facebook event:

Join UAW and SJP as we host guest speaker, Sahar Francis with comments by Michael Letwin.

Sahar is the director of Addameer, a Ramallah-based NGO that provides representation and advocacy for more than 6,000 political prisoners held by Israel.

Michael Letwin is former president of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325, and co-founder of Labor for Palestine and Jews for Palestinian Right of Return. He is also a founding member of Block the Boat NYC.

In case you didn’t know, this talk will be the final event of our Palestine Solidarity Week!


Emergency protest to #FreeRasmeaNow

Join USPCN and the Rasmea Defense Committee for the first protest in Rasmea’s home city since she was unjustly convicted and arrested two days ago.

Facebook event:

TODAY, Wednesday, November 12th, 2014, at 4:30 PM

Federal Plaza (50 W. Adams St) in downtown Chicago

Email for more information and

Free Rasmea Odeh Now!
Drop the Charges against Rasmea Odeh!
Wednesday, November 12th @ 7:30am
Oakland Federal Building: 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 

Rally, speak out, and flyering


Friday, November 14th:

Occupation, Repression, and Strategies of Resistance from the US to Palestine: A Night of Music, Food, and Conversation to Support the Case of Rasmea Odeh

Featuring from Palestine:

Sahar Francis, Deputy Director of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

                                                               Friday, November 14th
1721 Broadway, Oakland

Accessible by elevator and Bart

$10-20 donation
Funds raised will support the defense of Rasmea Odeh.
Join the Bay Area Rasmea Defense Committtee: email: to join
 Poster by Nidal El-Khairy:
1507190_10154873660175232_7167643863064618111_n (1)

rasmeacourtEMERGENCY Action in Solidarity with Rasmea Odeh – NYC
Friday Nov. 14 from 3:30pm at `26 Federal Plaza` / Jacob Javits Fed. Bldg.,
physically at Broadway & Thomas St., nr. Worth St. & Duane St., J, 4, 5, 6, R, A, C, N, Q, #1, E & PATH stops & buses via Broadway or via Trinity Pl./Church St. or via Varick St./West Broadway or via Chambers St.;
maps: ; buses:

Students for Justice in Palestine from all over NYC are calling for an emergency action this Friday to demand that justice be served for Rasmea Odeh. She was found “guilty” this week for supposedly lying on her immigration papers, but really because she fights back against the injustices at the hands of the Israeli state. She experienced the injustices first hand when she was sexually tortured by Israeli soldiers and spent ten years in prison after being forced to sign a false confession.

After living as a U.S. citizen for ten years, the United States government decided to repress Rasmea Odeh as another way to crackdown on Palestinians activists. 

The U.S. has allied itself with Israel and thus, has shown itself to go against the Palestinian people, to support the genocide and displacement of Palestinians, and the abolishment of Palestinian land.

Rasmea Odeh will not stand back while the lives and homes of her people are being destroyed and we will not stand back and watch another important political leader rot behind bars!


Endorsed by: 
Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition – NY
Answer – NYC
Arab American Association of NY
Committee to Stop FBI Repression
CUNY for Palestine
International Action Center
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Labor for Palestine
Lehman College Dream Team
MENA Solidarity Network-US
New York City Labor Against the War
Queens College Students Without Borders
Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee
Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College
Students for Justice in Palestine at City College
Students for Justice in Palestine at College of Staten Island
Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter College
Students for Justice in Palestine at John Jay College
Students for Justice in Palestine, The New School
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
Sarah Lawrence Students for Justice in Palestine 
US Palestinian Community Network
We Will Not Be Silent 

Join the South Bay Committee Against Political Repression in protes against attempted railroading of respected Palestinian-America activist Rasmea Odeh

WHERE: MLK Library, 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 9511

WHEN: Tuesday, November 4th, 5-6 pm

rasmeeeeaWHY: On October 22nd, 2013, Rasmea was arrested by the Department of Homeland Security and charged with Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization, for allegedly failing to disclose that she had been imprisoned by the Israelis in Palestine over 45 years ago. The wrongful conviction in Palestine was the result of vicious physical and sexual torture by the Israelis, so Rasmea is fighting this Israeli charge in a Detroit courtroom.

Judge Gershwin Drain handed down a series of outrageous and unjust decisions on Oct 27th and 28th. Judge Drain agreed that Rasmea’s assertion that she faced torture and sexual abuse at the hands of her Israeli captors is “credible,” but then contradicted himself and ruled it cannot be brought up in the course of her trial—even though this was at the heart of her defense. Her attorneys had planned to call an expert witness to the stand, but now will not be allowed to. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Fabri, who has decades of experience working with torture survivors, would have testified that an error Rasmea allegedly made in filling out immigration forms (the basis for the charge against her) was the result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Instead, Judge Drain will allow the prosecution to use documents provided by the Israelis as evidence in the case, even though these documents are the products of Israeli military courts and a “legal” system that routinely uses torture. He has even gone so far as to rule that when Rasmea testifies, she can only address issues that the prosecution agrees to allow.

No fair minded person can accept any of this. There was nothing fair about her being indicted on trumped up immigration charges in the first place. The recent rulings by Judge Drain indicate that there will be nothing fair about Rasmea’s trial either. Determined and collective action by those of us who yearn for justice, and civil and human rights, is imperative.

For more information, email or call 408-297-2299. On the web at

Tuesday, November 4
1:30 PM
Turlington Plaza – University of Florida
More info:

University of Florida Students for Justice in Palestine and Students for a Democratic Society will be hosting a demonstration in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh on the date of her trial this Tuesday, November 4th, in Turlington Plaza.

Rasmea Odeh is a Palestinian-American humanitarian, a human rights advocate, a teacher and a leading member of Chicago’s Arab and Muslim communities has been arrested and indicted based on political motives on October 22, 2013.

429_RasmeaDrop the Charges against Rasmea Odeh!

Demand an end to the unjust and unfair trial of a torture survivor.

On Tuesday, November 4th, a judge is starting a trial that threatens to charge human rights activist Rasmea Odeh with a 10-year sentence and deportation.


WHEN: Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 @ 5pm (Election Day)

WHERE: Lake Merritt farmer’s market
(Lake Park Avenue between Grand and Lakeshore)

WHAT: Rally, speak out, and flyering

Today, on November 4th, when American democracy will be practiced at the polls, a federal trial will get underway, whose very premise calls into question American democratic values, including the right to a fair trial. That’s when beloved and longtime women’s rights advocate Rasmea Odeh will face those who accuse her of procuring her citizenship unlawfully by allegedly omitting an answer on her citizenship application10 years ago.

As stated above, on Tuesday, November 4th, Rasmea Odeh’s trial will begin and dozens of people will be heading to Detroit to stand by her side in the courtroom, and to demand that the charges against Rasmea be dropped.  Rasmea Odeh is a 67 year old Palestinian American community leader who was jailed by the Israeli occupiers of Palestine, and was tortured and raped.

Judge Drain, the judge presiding over the case, agreed that Rasmea’s assertion that she faced torture and sexual abuse at the hands of her Israeli captors is “credible,” then contradicted himself and ruled it cannot be brought up in the course of her trial—even though this was at the heart of her defense.  Her attorneys had planned to call an expert witness to the stand, but now will not be allowed to.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Fabri, who has decades of experience working with torture survivors, would have testified that an error Rasmea allegedly made in filling out immigration forms the basis for the charge against her) was the result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Rasmea has spent the past 20 years in the U.S., making huge contributions to not only the Arab communities across the U.S. but also the immigrant rights, racial justice, women’s rights, and many other movements.  She is known for caring approach in organizing and has been recognized for her work by many national and local organizations.

Click here for everything you need to know about Rasmea’s trial in Detroit.

  • Click here to sign the petition demanding the US government drop the charges against Rasmea. 
  • Click here to donate. Your support ensures that Rasmea has the best legal defense, and funds the moblization effort to fill the courtroom with Rasmea ‘s supporters.  

Sponsors: Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), Middle East Children Alliance (MECA), BAYAN, All of Us or None, Palestinian Youth Movement, Global Women’s Strike, Haiti Action Committee, ANSWER.

Register for a spot

Please join us on Nov. 4 as we travel with Rasmea Odeh to Detroit on the first day of her trial. Rasmea is the 67-year-old Palestinian American leader who was tortured by the Israelis in 1969, and is now being unjustly prosecuted by the U.S. government.

Stand with Rasmea and fill the federal courthouse in Detroit!

Our work is not merely an act of solidarity with Rasmea Odeh, but also serves as a challenge to the unjust prosecution of a beloved Palestinian icon, as well as a refusal to accept the criminalization of an entire community. Her trial is set to begin on Tuesday, November 4th, at the Federal Courthouse at 231 W. Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, Michigan. We are committed to filling the courtroom every day of the trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks. To be successful in helping her win the case, we need you there!

1.  Fill the courtroom, starting Tuesday, November 4 (for up to 3 weeks).

Weekdays from 8am to 1pm 
at 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., downtown Detroit.
Click here to register.

For those coming to Detroit from out of town: The Rasmea Defense Committee is working hard to support your housing and transportation needs. When you register, let us know how we can help. General logistical information will be posted soon.

For people in Chicago: Buses for Rasmea’s trial in Detroit will be leaving from the Chicago area on Monday night, November 3rd, at 11:30 PM, from the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview at 7360 W. 93rd Street. Those who want to ride the bus MUST reserve a space by filling out this online web form.  We are calling on supporters to try to make a commitment for the whole week.  On the form, you MUST tell us how many days of the trial you can attend.

If you have any questions, email them to  See you on the bus and in the courts!

2.  Sign the petition demanding the US government drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh.

3.  Donate here. Your support ensures that Rasmea Odeh has the best legal defense, and funds the mobilization to fill the courtroom with Rasmea Odeh supporters.

The national Rasmea Defense Committee includes United States Palestinian Community NetworkCommittee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR), Coalition to Protect People’s Rights (CPPR), 8th Day Center for Justice, Al-Awda NY: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)-Chicago, American Muslims for Palestine, Anti-War Committee (AWC)-Chicago, AWC-Minneapolis, Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Chicago Light Brigade, Committee Against Political Repression, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Chicago, CAIR-Michigan, Friends of Sabeel-North America, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, International League of Peoples’ Struggle-U.S., Jewish Voice for Peace, Latino Organization of the Southwest (LOS), Lifta Society, Middle East Crisis Committee (CT), National Boricua Human Rights Network, National Lawyers Guild (NLG), National Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestine Solidarity Group-Chicago, Palestine Solidarity Legal Support, Palestinian Youth Movement-USA Branch, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, St. Louis Palestine SolidarityCommittee, United African Organization, United National Antiwar Coalition, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Voces de la Frontera, Women Against Military Madness, and Z Collective.