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Thirty activists occupied the Franco-American Institute of Rennes, the cultural center of the United States Consulate in Bretagne (Brittany), on Wednesday, 17 December, in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Arab political prisoner for Palestine in French jails. The activists also urged all to join a demonstration on 18 December against the visit of Manuel Valls to Rennes.

See original French text:

Valls, the Prime Minister of France, was formerly the Interior Minister who refused to sign the deportation order to allow Abdallah to be paroled to Lebanon, after his parole was approved by the courts. He has been eligible for parole since 1999 and yet has remained in French jails.

The activists distributed the leaflet below at the event (translation from French):

“In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. The organization of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction (FARL), decided to lead the fight against the aggressor and its supporters in Europe: the assistant military attaché at the Embassy of the United States of America in Paris and the head of Mossad in France were executed. Accused of these acts, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987 after many politico-judicial manipulations and with the approval of the US government of Reagan.

While Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has been releasable for years and was approved for parole first in 2007, he has remained detained solely because he has not repented his loyalty to his communist views or his commitment to resisting the Zionist occupation and Palestine, and because, according to the prosecutor, his release would be seen as a victory by the anti-imperialist resistance in this region. On November 6, a new request for parole was deemed “inadmissible”. The appeal hearing on his request for parole was to be held tomorrow in Paris, and has just been postponed to a later date.

When we stand with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, it is not only that it is “high time to release him,” but that we can not claim to support the Palestinian people without denouncing the endless vengeance to which they are subjected by those who support the Israeli state, namely Hollande, Valls and PS.

Represented by its ambassador, the United States stood as a plaintiff at Abdallah’s trial and continues today to pressure against the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. We see clearly the solidarity of the U.S. in oppression. When at this time, and sometimes in very different contexts, the struggles against various forms of repression are strengthening in Palestine, the United States, and France, we recall that the Israeli, American, and French governments have a common desire to neutralize those considered “enemies within.”

The fact that Ferguson police department that killed Michael Brown was trained by the Israeli army is one of the signs of the continuity of these policing structures, and the Palestinians who used twitter to support protesters in different cities in the United States, advising on how to protect themselves from tear gas recognize this connection.

We demand that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s application for parole be granted, and that his release is effectuated without delay. In support of the Palestinian resistance, we also demand the release of the 7000 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 18 December, the demonstration against the arrival of Manuel Valls in Rennes, starting at 18:30 in the Town Hall Square will be an opportunity for us to oppose police and judicial repression by the French state. We call on all people of Rennes to attend and participate in the demonstration, as well as other initiatives against the visit of Valls to Rennes.”

Libera Palestina has launched the following online action campaign in support of Shireen Issawi and Bushra Tawil:

“Shireen Issawi has been declared the 2014 Human Rights Defender. Sister of Samer, himself again in an Israeli prison, she has been jailed for the second time by the Israeli Governor of the Occupied Palestinian Territories through Article 10 of the Miltary Order 1651 for the same no-crime: being a lawyer, advocate for the rights of Palestinian political prisoners. This human rights defender, among others, “is being targeted by the Israeli authorities, with arbitrary arrests and detention, for peacefully and lawfully exercising their fundamental right to freedom of expression on significant human rights and the conditions of Palestinian prisoners.”.
Now she is from march in segregation, declared in punishment, locked in a cold unhealthy infested cell.
In response to the joint complaints (also concerning the similar case of Bushra Taweel) made to the United Nations by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and Addameer in the case of Palestinian human rights defenders, Libera Palestina Italy launched a “social bombing” campaign to build attention, support and awareness of the case.
“Socialbombing” organizes participants to send messages on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ highlighting the issue and raising awareness and communication to key recipients, in this case, Michael Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders.
Professor John Dugart has declared: “I am so pleased that you are conducting this campaign for Shireen. It is essential. She must not be forgotten. The Israelis will treat her better if there is international attention. So please keep it up”.
To join the campaign, please see:

Complaints concerning detention of two female Palestinian human rights defenders

“Historically the martyrs and the prisoners represent the seed of every revolution, of every fight for freedom. Their freedom is one of the key points on which the resistance forces unite. The duty of all must be to support them, without hesitation. Deprived of their freedom to make their bodies available to continue the fight ; we can and must exercise and advance our solidarity to support them.”

Fronte Palestina is launching a new campaign: – to support Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. This national campaign will be working throughout Italy to fundraise for Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association and the Palestinian Women’s Developmental Studies Association in Palestine, both of which work on the issues and cause of freedom of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

The campaign has also launched a facebook page to share information about Palestinian political prisoners in Italian:

A fundraiser and launch event for the campaign will be held, and dinner will be served:
Saturday, 20 December
8:30 PM
Panetteria Occupata
Via Conte Rosso, 20
(Lambrate) Milano
More info:

cena autofinanziamento fp

Mark Global Political Prisoners Day of Action in Amsterdam on 13 December. Gather for a protest and information sharing about Palestinian political prisoners – and other political prisoners around the world!

The event will call for freedom for imprisoned Palestinian lawyer Shireen Issawi and all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, displaying banners and distributing information.

Take Action:
Saturday, 13 December
4 PM – 6 PM
De Dam (at the Christmas tree), Amsterdam
Facebook Event:

On 12 December, as part of a global day of action for political prisoners, Inminds organized a protest at the office of the CEO of G4S, the multinational security corporation implicated in torture and political imprisonment in Israeli prisons, to which G4S provides security equipment and other services.

The protest focused on demanding freedom for Shireen Issawi, Palestinian lawyer and prisoners’ rights activist. Issawi received the Alkarama Human Rights Award in Switzerland on 11 December.



All video and photos from Inminds.



PLEASE NOTE: The Paris Court has announced that it is postponing the hearing on Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s parole to a date to be set in the future. Therefore, the rally below is cancelled and will be rescheduled for the next hearing.


Solidarity Rally

Thursday, December 18, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Esplanade de la fontaine Saint-Michel (Paris 6th)
Metro: L4 Saint-Michel
Facebook Event:

Call from the Collective for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah:

On November 5, the parole tribunal in Paris rejected the request for release of Georges Abdallah made in March. The application was declared inadmissible on the grounds that Abdallah was not previously subject to a deportation order.

This travesty of justice shows once again the exceptional regime for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, now in his 31st year of detention; it confirmed that his continued imprisonment is a political decision of the French state. Already in 2012, Manuel Valls, then interior minister, refused to sign the deportation order that would have allowed Abdallah to return to his country, Lebanon.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah immediately appealed the decision of the court, which will be considered by the Court of Appeal of Paris, on December 18 at 1:30 PM.

At Lannemezan in front of the prison on October 25, we made our voices heard: “Georges Abdallah, your comrades are here!” We call for a solidarity rally for the appeal hearing of this Lebanese Communist struggler for the Palestinian cause.
Jeudi 18 décembre, de 13h30 à 15h30
Esplanade de la fontaine Saint-Michel (Paris 6e)
(métro : L4 Saint-Michel)

Appel du Collectif pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah :
Le 5 novembre, le tribunal d’application des peines de Paris a rejeté la demande de libération que Georges Ibrahim Abdallah avait formulée en mars dernier.
La demande a été déclarée “irrecevable” au motif que Georges Ibrahim Abdallah n’avait pas fait préalablement l’objet d’un arrêté d’expulsion.

Ce simulacre de justice témoignait une fois de plus du régime d’exception appliqué à Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, qui est entré dans sa 31e année de détention ; il confirmait que son maintien en prison est une décision politique de l’État français. En 2012, déjà, Valls – alors ministre de l’intérieur – avait refusé de signer l’arrêté d’expulsion qui aurait permis à Georges Ibrahim Abdallah de revenir dans son pays, le Liban.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah a immédiatement fait appel de la décision du tribunal : celui-ci sera examiné par la cour d’appel de Paris, le 18 décembre à 13h30.

Devant la prison de Lannemezan, le 25 octobre dernier, nous avons fait entendre nos voix :
« Georges Abdallah, tes camarades sont là ! ».
Pour l’audience en appel du militant communiste libanais, combattant de la cause palestinienne, nous appelons à un

Jeudi 18 décembre, de 13h30 à 15h30
Esplanade de la fontaine Saint-Michel (Paris 6e)
(métro : L4 Saint-Michel)

Captive Revolution: Palestinian Women’s Anti-Colonial Struggle Within the Israeli Prison System

Friday, January 9, 2015
6:30 PM – 9 PM
Room 7000, Simon Fraser University Harbour Center
515 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC
Sponsored by SFU Anthropology and Sociology Departments, Independent Jewish Voices and

Endorsed by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, Red Sparks Union

Launch of Nahla Abdo’s new book, Captive Revolution:

Women throughout the world have always played their part in struggles against colonialism, imperialism and other forms of oppression. However, there are hardly any academic books on Arab political prisoners, fewer still on the Palestinians who have been detained in their thousands for their political activism and resistance.

Nahla Abdo’s Captive Revolution seeks to break the silence on Palestinian women political detainees, providing a vital contribution to research on women, revolutions, national liberation and anti-colonial resistance. Based on the stories of the women themselves, Abdo draws on a wealth of oral history and primary research in order to analyse Palestinian women’s anti-colonial struggle, their agency and their treatment as political detainees.

Making crucial comparisons with the experiences of women political detainees in other conflicts, and emphasising the vital role Palestinian political culture and memorialisation of the ‘Nakba’ have had on their resilience and resistance, Captive Revolution is a rich and revealing addition to our knowledge of this little-studied phenomenon.

‘With Captive Revolution, Nahla Abdo reveals just how much of the history of anti-imperialist struggles is absent when women — especially Palestinian women freedom fighters — are overlooked. In the process of reconstructing this history through testimonies of Palestinian women political detainees, Abdo offers us incisive critiques of orientalist feminisms and of the persistence of racism in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.’ — ANGELA DAVIS, Distinguished Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Nahla Abdo is an Arab feminist activist and Professor of Sociology at Carleton University. She has published extensively on women, racism, nationalism, and the State in the Middle East, with a special focus on Palestinian women. Captive Revolution seeks to break the silence on Palestinian women political detainees, providing a vital contribution to research on women, revolution, national liberation and anti-colonial resistance.

Abdo booklaunch

We encourage all supporters of Palestine and Palestinian political prisoners to come out and participate in this important event about structural state racism in the US. See our statement here.

December 13: Palestine Contingent at the Millions March NYC
2:00 PM
Washington Square Park, Garibaldi Statue (East of the Fountain)
Facebook event for Contingent:

Join the Palestine Contingent at the Millions March on Dec 13 at 2PM to stand in solidarity with oppressed peoples from #NYC2Palestine. We will meet at the Garibaldi Statue, to the east of the fountain in Washington Square.

[MILLIONS MARCH NYC] [35,000+ expected!]

People have been furiously taking it to the streets, mobilizing to the rallying cry that “Black Lives Matter,” and demanding justice for the lives stolen by police brutality.

The Palestinian people know repression, militarization, and brutality all too well. The forces of occupation that deprive Palestinians of their land, communities, and lives are the same as those that oppress Black and Brown communities here in the United States. “I Can’t Breathe” is a cry that resonates with the Palestinians, who are imprisoned, criminalized, and killed with impunity like so many Mike Browns, Eric Garners, Tamir Rices, Yvette Smiths, Islan Nettles, Akai Gurleys, Sean Bells, and Marissa Alexanders.

These struggles against oppression – both locally and globally – are one. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: “None of us is free until all of us are free.”

People are already making these connections on their own. In August, Palestinians sent tips on dealing with tear gas to protesters in Ferguson as the army rolled into their town. New Yorkers hung a giant Palestinian flag on the Manhattan Bridge during the bloody assault on Gaza.

On December 13th, we will stand in solidarity as a contingent of Palestinians and allies to send a message that all oppressed people around the world fight together for justice and equality, and we will not tolerate one more stolen life.


ipaiThe 12th International Symposium against Isolation will be held from February 26th – March 2nd, 2015. Discussing The Middle East and The World’s Biggest Problems and our capabilities (what we can do ) in a City at The Center of The Attacks on The People of The Middle East: BEIRUT..



For 12 years now, the International Platform against Isolation is organizing international symposiums in different countries of Europe, in order to bring together movements, solidarity campaign groups, NGO’s, intellectuals and people of all nationalities on the base of struggle against Isolation.

This project was brought to life in the long period of resistance against prison isolation, which had been continued by the political prisoners in Turkey over 7 years in total, defending their human rights with long term hunger strikes (death fasts).

Also hear an amazing song produced by Irish protest singer Pol Mac Adaim, dedicated to the resistance in F-type jails in Turkey:

It was very obvious that isolation was not only a policy used behind the prison walls, but also as a means in the world outside to silence system critical voices.

Our symposiums therefore dealt with isolation in a larger context, from the prisons to the struggle of social and political movements, from media censorship to the occupations, blockades and war crimes in many parts of the world.

Our first aim is to create and coordinate the solidarity and unity among the peoples and organizations, to promote the efforts or common actions on international level and to built up thematically groups, as for instance exchange between progressive lawyers, the relatives of prisoners in different countries and also between political prisoners themselves.

We have organized already 11 symposiums, being joined by wonderful people from all continents, building a bridge between intellectuals, artists and political activists for a common goal: Struggle for human dignity, freedom and justice!

Please feel free to contact us , if you are interested to join our next symposium. Further details such as the program will be published soon.

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

International Platform against Isolation


Facebook: Anadolu Newsblog




12th International Symposium Against Isolation,

Beirut (Lebanon) February 26 – March 2, 2015   –  UNESCO Palace

Discussing The Middle East and The World’s Biggest Problems and our capabilities (what we can do ) in a City at The Center of The Attacks on The People of The Middle East: BEIRUT

As International Platform against Isolation, after the previous International Symposiums Against Isolation were held in Noordwijk, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, London, Athens, Berlin and Amsterdam, we decided to held the symposiums in a city at the core of the problems.

Hence, 12th International Symposium Against Isolation will be held in the Middle East, at Beirut. Again The Middle East was turned into Blood Bath. A war, which aims at destroying the Arab countries. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon.. we are witnessing the massacre of the peoples there.

On one occasion you see beasts named ISIS are beheading, setting up slave markets.. On another you see a beast named Israel, that destroys, burn down, and slaughters the people in a country called Palestine, surrounded on all four sides, by stating “we have to ensure the safety of our citizens”.

Palestine, the target of lethal assaults under the isolation. While all these happen, what is the role and responsibility of imperialism, and how much it contributes? How effective are the puppet of imperialism on those?

Primarily the US imperialism and its most loyal ally is The Turkish Government denotes the torture, murder, exploitation, degeneration, and the collaboration.

In this year’s symposium, as in the earlier, we would like to reveal the world’s most pressing problems in all its nakedness. We invite the organizations from all over the world, to introduce those with the resistance groups in the region where the most bloodiest conflicts of classes of the world happen, to stop those attacks and break the isolation they are under, all together.

-In Syria, Iraq and their several neighboring countries, the civilians, ethnic and religious minorities, are under the attack and threat of imperialist mercenary soldiers, exploiters of belief and collaborators. While these attacks continue at one side, on the other side the facts are being censored and distorted by the West, through the imperialist press, to block every kind of solidarity. Argumentative voices are being suppressed and divested.

– The imperialist media propaganda and incitement to war, in the same way, shows itself in the disinformation campaign in Ukraine conflict. There, the fascist, nationalist gangs and oligarch rulers representing the United States and Western Europe, took power. They, along with anti-fascist and democratic forces, exert extreme violence against civilians in the eastern Ukraine.

– Inner we: Lets be the voice of Political Prisoners tried to be cornered.

It is a fact, that the Middle Eeast counts the highest number of political prisoners. An important issue to discuss might be also Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, who is the oldest Lebanese prisoner in Europe, still held illegally in French prison for exactly 30 years.

Lets be the voice of Political prisoners and of the bleeding wounds of isolation prisons: Ill Prisoners…

We must break the isolation carried out against the people under the name and the threat of war. Let’s all unite in an anti-imperialist front.

Because who resists will win, who doesn’t will perish!

Where: Lebanon – Beirut, UNESCO Palace

When: February 26 – March 2, 2015

Organizer: International Platform against Isolation, in cooperation with the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture

Palestinian activists, including the Human Rights Defenders Group and the Free Shireen Issawi Campaign, have joined with global activists to call for a Global Political Prisoners Day on December 12-13.

Follow the organizing group on Facebook here and read more about the day of action below: 

actionprisMessage from the organisers of the Global Political Prisoner’s Day:
The people’s uprising is not a crime, it is universal justice
The unions, human rights activists, academics and students of Argentina have united with various groups worldwide, including Palestinian human rights organisations, (such as the Free Shireen Issawi Campaign) to call for a day of action for  Global Political Prisoner’s Day, on 12 December 2014.
On this day in 2013 ten Argentinian oil workers were convicted to prison sentences in a case, their supporters affirm, was a grave violation of human rights, including torture. The oil workers stood up for all workers to have better working conditions, setting up assemblies to decide how to fight.
Today Palestinians are imprisoned for challenging Israel’s apartheid state. They are imprisoned because they fight for the return of their stolen land which continues to be illegal annexed.
Palestinians, including children, are tried in military courts. The conviction rate, according to a 2013 US State Department Human Rights Report, is over 99%. Since 1967 700,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned; 42% of all Palestinian men have been jailed. Israel also practices Administrative Detention, imprisoning Palestinians without charge or trial in violation of international law. Many prisoners suffer from medical neglect.
On Wednesday 5 November a French Court rejected the ninth appeal of George Abdhala, who after 30 years imprisonment is the longest serving Political prisoner in Europe. The decision was not issued by the court but was announced by the Federation of Jewish organisations in France. Governmental political convenience also allows cleared prisoners to languish in Guantanamo Bay.
In Egypt thousands of political opponents have been imprisoned, some have been tortured to death. Three Al Jazeera journalists have also been detained. China is thought to have the most political prisoners in the world. In Tibet and East Turkestan people are arrested for peaceful protests. Worldwide people, too numerous to mention, risk their lives for the ideal of freedom, democracy and social and political justice.
People exercising their legal right to resist occupation, or who resort to democratic violence having exhausted all peaceful means, are political prisoners. They should therefore be treated with all the conventions and rights applicable to prisoners of war. There have always been some brave men and women who are prepared to risk their lives and liberty for their people’s freedom. It is unacceptable that those people should be detained without trail, kept in inhumane conditions and face torture or medical neglect.
We start this campaign for the independence and freedom of all oppressed people against those who disregard human value, rights and liberty. We call upon all who reject injustice in the world to participate on the 12 December, making it a day for political prisoners. We are aware that each country or organisation will have particular causes to which they are dedicated. They will bring their energies and resources to that cause but ideally will remain aware that an injury to one is an injury to all. We intend that this day will become an annual event until all prisoners are freedom.
Our message is:
  1. Global Political Prisoners Day must become an annual tradition to call for the release of all political prisoners until freedom.
  2. The international struggle for oppressed peoples everywhere should be enhanced. The people’s uprising is not a crime, it is universal justice
  3. People resisting the occupation of their land should be treated according to International conventions concerning prisoners of war when they are detained.