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Solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
Sunday, 1 February
12:00 PM
French Embassy – Beirut, Lebanon
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On 5 November, 2014, the Paris parole court dismissed Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s application for parole, on the grounds that it was “inadmissible” because he was not subject to an existing deportation order. This once again proved that the imprisonment of Abdallah, now in his 31st year of detention, is a political decision of the French state. In 2012, Manuel Valls, then interior minister, refused to sign a deportation order following approval of Abdallah’s last parole application, which would have allowed him to return immediately to his home country, Lebanon.

Georges Abdallah immediately appealed the parole decision, and the appeal will be considered in a non-public hearing on 29 January 2015. This Beirut solidarity rally comes to support the appeal hearing of this Lebanese Communist activist, a struggler for the Palestinian cause.

Thursday, 29 January
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Esplanade of Saint-Michel Fountain (Metro: L4 Saint-Michel)
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Last November 5, the tribunal reviewing Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s parole application in Paris rejected his application for release, made in March 2014. His application was deemed inadmissible because Abdallah is not subject to an existing order of deportation which would allow him to be paroled to Lebanon, his home country of citizenship.

This travesty of justice indicates once more that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is imprisoned under an exceptional regime, now in its 31st year, as a political decision of the French state.

In 2012, Manuel Valls, then interior minister, refused to sign the deportation order referred to by the tribunal after a previous positive parole decision that would have allowed Abdallah to return immediately to Lebanon.

Abdallah immediately appealed the November decision, which was scheduled bo be considered December 18 but was then postponed. The new date of the non-public appeal hearing is Thursay, 29 January 2015. There will be a public solidarity rally outside the hearing.

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The campaign to defend long-time Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh has reached a critical stage. We urge everyone to join us in organizing an event or protest on your campus or in the community during the week of February 9 – 15.

All of us need to shine a light on the real injustice that is taking place in Detroit. Rasmea, a Palestinian American woman who has done so much for so many, is facing deportation and up to ten years in jail on a trumped-up immigration charge.

We need to go all out in focusing attention on her case before her March 12 sentencing. After the sentencing, it is anticipated that the appeals process will start. This fight will not be over until we have justice.

Rasmea has made great contributions to the community and the cause of Palestinian freedom. We need to stand with her.

The following call to action is being circulated by the campaign to support the Hares Boys:

This year, Sunday 15th March will mark 2 years since 5 teenage boys from the village of Hares, Palestine, were kidnapped from their homes, abused and violently interrogated, and locked in an Israeli prison. All for something they didn’t do.

It began on 14th March 2013, after a car accident resulting in some serious injuries for its passengers was allegedly caused by Palestinian youths throwing stones at the vehicle; except that there is no evidence to suggest that stone-throwing took place at all.

That same night, Israeli army stormed the villages of Hares and Kifl Hares and detained 19 Palestinian youths. Obtaining their “confessions” through interrogation and ill-treatment, some of these youths were eventually released. Five of them, however, are still incarcerated to this day. These are the Hares Boys.

Should the Israeli military courts get their way, the Hares Boys will face long years in prison for a “crime” that carries no evidence of their supposed guilt and which all the boys deny.

To mark the 2 years since the boys’ incarceration, we are calling on campaigners around the world to devise local actions aimed at raising the profile of the case of the Hares Boys and by doing so, put pressure on the Israeli occupation to respect the principles of justice and release these kids from prison.

We invite you to organise leafleting, vigils and protests, boycott actions, petitioning and letter-writing, talks and film screenings.

The on-going fight against Israeli military aggression and occupation is getting stronger with every new atrocity the apartheid state commits; it matters to vocalise opposition to the continuing injustices the Hares Boys – and, by extension, all Palestinian children in Israeli military prisons – face daily, in order to prevent these dangerous precedents from taking place at all.

Join the fight against oppression. Stand on the side of justice.

For more information, see:
Facebook: Free the Hares Boys
Twitter: @HaresBoys

Wednesday, January 21
Mulberry Place, East India Dock – Town Hall
Tower Hamlets

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G4S is complicit in human rights abuse throughout the world!

G4S provides security systems for major Israeli prisons and detention centres, which hold Palestinian political prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel. Human rights organizations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, detained within Israel.

The transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier contravenes Articles 49 and 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier contravenes Articles 49 and 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In the Occupied West Bank, G4S provides equipment for a prison, police headquarters, businesses within illegal settlements, a settlement industrial zone and check points along the Illegal Apartheid Wall.

Reports include:

June 2012 Amnesty International ‘Starved of Justice: Palestinaians detained without trial by Israel’.

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office funded report ‘Children in Millitary Custody';

G4S lost the contract to deport people from the UK after Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan asylum seeker died, following restraint by G4S employees. A Parliamentary report confirmed that ‘inappropriate physical and possibly dangerous restraint techniques’ were used.

Until G4S can prove to the satisfaction of the Council that all such abuse has ended, and the company has withdrawn from any involvement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or Israeli prisons, Tower Hamlets PSC will be presenting a petition to the Council to ask them to disqualify G4S from holding contracts in the Borough.

There will be a lobby of the full council meeting 21st January where this petition will be presented:

If 2000 people sign, this will force a whole council debate.

Sign and share this petition and join us in solidarity at the lobby outside this meeting!

Thursday, January 15
6:00 PM
Metro Jean Jaures
Toulouse, France

Coup Pour Coup 31, the anti-imperialist collective based in Toulouse, will hold an information table and distribute information on Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian political prisoners, in response to the call from the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat.

For more information, please see:

Fronte Palestina is organizing events throughout Italy demanding freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, as well as an end to Palestinian Authority security cooperation with Israel, on 15 January.

15 January 2015 marks the 13th anniversary of the arrest of Sa’adat, general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Palestinian national leader, by Palestinian Authority security forces. He was held for over four years in a Palestinian Authority prison under US and British guard before the prison was attacked by Israeli occupation forces; Sa’adat today is imprisoned for a thirty-year sentence in an Israeli prison.

Events are being organized in cities throughout Italy to mark the anniversary, as follows:

Thursday, 15 January
8:00 PM
Riff Raff Salerno
Via Gian Vicenzo De Ruggeiro, 59
Screening of “Women in Struggle” film by Buthaina Canaan Khoury and presentation on campaign for Palestinian prisoners

Thursday, 15 January
8:00 PM
Casa del Popolo G. Tanas
Via G. Casanate 2A, Primavalle
Screening of “Women in Struggle” and presentation on campaign to free Palestinian prisoners

Thursday, 15 January
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Demonstration at Mensa Universitaria di Pisa

8:00 PM
Casarossa Occupata di Montignoso
Presentation on campaign for Palestinian political prisoners, screening of “Women in Struggle”

Thursday, 15 January
5:30 PM
Via Dante/Largo Cairoli
Demonstration against the mass imprisonment of Palestinians and the silence of the world

Students for Justice in Palestine Chicago will hold a fundraising dinner, Sumoud, to raise funds to support the legal defense of Rasmea Odeh on 3 February. Announcement below from Facebook Event:

Join us on February 3rd at 7:30 pm for a fundraising dinner to celebrate the resilience of Rasmea Odeh. Tickets will be sold online and at the door. All proceeds will go to Rasmea’s legal defense fund.

– Students/low-income: $10 online, $15 at door
– General admission: $25 online, $30 at door

Purchase your tickets here:

Rasmea Odeh is a 67-year-old Palestinian community leader in Chicago. In October 2013, Rasmea was indicted for supposedly falsifying information on her immigration papers. The accusations made against her were based on information that was obtained via torture nearly 20 years prior. The attack on Rasmea is an effort by the government to silence those who advocate for Palestinian self-determination and human rights.

This past November, Rasmea was served a guilty verdict after an unfair trial, in which the core of her defense was not allowed to be presented in court. The judge ruled that her sentencing date will be on March 12.

After being imprisoned for one month, and spending a significant amount of that time in solitary confinement, Rasmea Odeh was released on a $50,000 cash bond on December 11.

In Arabic, sumoud, or صمود, means steadfast perseverance. Throughout her case, Rasmea Odeh has exemplified resilience. On the day of her verdict, she told the crowd to keep their search on for justice. In spite of all odds and obstacles put in her way, Rasmea has shown the community the meaning of strength. After all she has done and continues to do for the community, now is the time to come together and show our support for Rasmea Odeh!

The following call for mobilization (below, in English and Italian), was issued by Fronte Palestina:

Italy: Appeal for a Day of National Mobilization for Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian Political Prisoners
Thursday, January 15, 2015

On January 15, 2002, Ahmad Sa’adat, Palestinian leader and Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and several of his comrades were captured by the security services of the Palestinian National Authority at the behest of the Israeli occupation forces. Sa’adat and his comrades were held for more than four years in a Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho under the control of US and British guards. During this period Sa’adat was never charged and the Palestinian High Court of Justice ordered his release, but he and his comrades remained imprisoned on the orders of Israel, the US and Britain until, on March 14, 2006, the prison was attacked and the prisoners were seized by Zionist military forces.

The kidnapping and detention of Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades is just one part of the dangerous consequences of the security cooperation between the Occupation and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. The PNA and intelligence services of the “preventive security” interrogate and imprison hundreds of Palestinians in the interest of the “security” of the occupation state, targeting the Resistance and contrary to the rights and interests of the Palestinian people. All this continues due to the direct involvement of the United States, Canada and the European Union that provide training and millions of dollars for security coordination.

When imprisonment, torture and isolation, administrative detention (without either charge or conviction) and the “revolving door” between the forces of the Zionist occupation and the PNA (detainees issued by each are arrested again by the other) are insufficient to stop the movement, the Occupation attempts to exclude the prisoners from their role in civil society.

Historically prisoners represent the seed of every liberation struggle, their freedom is one of the pivotal points around which to unite the forces of the Resistance. The duty of all people must therefore be to support them, without hesitation. 13 years after the kidnapping of Ahmad Sa’adat say:


We will organize and call for many events to denounce the situation of Palestinian prisoners, demand their immediate release, call for an end to the collaboration between PNA and the Occupation and to promote a boycott of the repressive models that Zionist corporations are exporting all over the world (see Expo 2015 in Milan, ).

Fronte Palestina



Il 15 gennaio del 2002 Ahmad Sa’adat, leader palestinese e Segretario Generale del Fronte Popolare per la Liberazione della Palestina, e molti dei sui compagni vennero catturati dai servizi di sicurezza dell’Autorità Nazionale Palestinese per volere delle forze di occupazione israeliane. Sa’adat ed i suoi compagni sono stati trattenuti per oltre quattro anni in una prigione dell’Autorità Palestinese a Jerico sotto il controllo delle guardie statunitensi e britanniche. Durante questo periodo Sa’adat non è mai stato accusato e l’Alta corte di giustizia palestinese ordinò il suo rilascio ma lui e i compagni restarono imprigionati su ordine di Israele, USA e Gran Bretagna fino a quando, il 14 marzo 2006, la prigione fu attaccata e i detenuti furono sequestrati dalle forze militari sioniste.

Il rapimento e la detenzione di Ahmad Sa’adat e dei suoi compagni sono solo alcune delle conseguenze della cooperazione per la sicurezza tra l’Occupazione e l’Autorità Palestinese in Cisgiordania. L’intelligence dell’ANP e i servizi di “sicurezza preventiva” interrogano ed incarcerano centinaia di Palestinesi nell’interesse della “sicurezza” dello Stato di occupazione, mirando alla Resistenza e contro i diritti e gli interessi del popolo palestinese. Tutto ciò può continuare grazie anche al diretto coinvolgimento di Stati Uniti, Canada e Unione Europea che forniscono formazione e milioni di dollari.

Laddove non siano sufficienti la reclusione in sé, la tortura e l’isolamento, con il “gioco” della detenzione amministrativa (senza né accusa né condanna) e della “porta girevole” tra le forze di occupazione sioniste e l’ANP (i detenuti rilasciati dagli uni vengono arrestati nuovamente dagli altri) si tenta di escludere il prigioniero dal suo ruolo all’interno della società civile.

Storicamente i prigionieri rappresentano il seme di ogni lotta di liberazione, la loro libertà rappresenta uno dei punti cardine intorno a cui si uniscono le forze della Resistenza. Il dovere di tutte e tutti deve essere quindi quello di sostenerli, senza esitazioni. 13 anni dopo il rapimento di Ahmad Sa’adat diciamo:


Organizziamo quante più iniziative possibili per condannare le condizioni dei prigionieri palestinesi, per chiederne l’immediato rilascio, per dire basta alla collaborazione tra ANP e Occupazione e per promuovere il boicottaggio dei modelli repressivi sionisti esportati in tutto il mondo (vedi Expo 2015 a Milano,

Fronte Palestina

Campagna in sostegno alle lotte dei prigionieri palestinesi:

Campagna internazionale per la liberazione di Ahmad Sa’adat: