Khader Adnan


Khader Adnan detained during Palestinian Authority political arrest raid

On November 27, Palestinian Authority security services detained former prisoner and hunger striking hero Khader Adnan, as he defended his cousin Farouk Moussa from political arrest from PA security forces in Arraba. Khader Adnan was later released, but Farouk Moussa remains detained. The political detention of Palestinian activists is part of the practice of security […]

Khader Adnan: Palestinian organizations must make it clear that hunger strikers are not forgotten

Sheikh Khader Adnan, former prisoner and hunger striker, admonished official Palestinian bodies and institutions in a press conference on Sunday, August 4, saying that they have turned their back on Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. He urged Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, occupied Palestine ’48 and diaspora to play their role in the […]

Khader Adnan honours imprisoned Lebanese freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

On February 28, 2013, Sheikh Khader Adnan participated in an event honouring Palestinian political prisoners and hunger strikers in Arraba village, Jenin area. Adnan’s own hunger strike from December 2011-February 2012 played a major role in catalyzing the Palestinian prisoners’ movement. The Arraba Youth organized in coordination with the Prisoners Club and the Popular Youth […]

“Their fate is in our hands” – a call to action for the striking prisoners by Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan writes in gratitude for the support he was given while on hunger-strike and calls for solidarity with the prisoners: Click here to send a letter of protest to Israeli authorities demanding the implementation of the prisoners’ demands In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Praise be to Allah, and peace and […]

Adnan and Shalabi express their support for hunger strikers

JENIN (Ma’an) — Former prisoners Khader Adnan and Hana Shalabi, who were released by Israel after lengthy hunger strikes, on Wednesday expressed pride and support for striking detainees in Israeli jails. Adnan, whose sentence was reduced after he spent 66 days on hunger strike, told Ma’an that hunger strikers’ determination would bring them victory. Bilal […]

Prisoners in Negev engage in medicine strike; Khader Adnan reports arrest of activist

Khader Adnan reported on Saturday April 28 that the Israeli occupation today seized Mohammed Abdul Latif al-Shaibani, 37, of Arraba near Jenin like Adnan, according to Ma’an. Adnan reported that al-Shaibani previously spent six years in the occupation prisons and was released in 2008, and is an activist with Islamic Jihad. Adnan also reported that, […]

Khader Adnan to Hunger Strikers: Go Forth and Be Victorious

By: Fadi Abu Saada Published in Al-Akhbar Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Ramallah – Khader Adnan defied everything related to the Israeli occupation, its prisons, and jailers. He rose up against interrogators and informants, and against all kinds of intimidation and humiliation. He put his body on the line with a 66-day hunger strike until the occupation relented. […]

Photos: Khader Adnan returns home

Khader Adnan, who engaged in a 66-day hunger strike demanding the end of administrative detention, returned home, to his village of ‘Arraba, outside Jenin last night, April 17, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. He was warmly welcomed by huge crowds, celebrating the return of this hero of the prisoner movement. Adnan’s strike, which ended with the commitment […]

Protests in Belfast demand release of Hana Shalabi

Gaza TV News published the following report from Belfast on March 16, 2012: For the second time this week, hundreds of Irish people turned out in Belfast to show support and solidarity for Hana Shalabi, the Palestinian woman who has now entered her 30th day on Hunger Strike in protest at her incarceration under “Administrative Detention” in […]

Adnan Case More than Scrapping Israeli Detention Law by Ameer Makhoul (English/Arabic)

Please see below for Arabic text. The case of the freedom fighter Khader Adnan reminds us of where the strength of the Palestinian people lies. This is the strength that was squandered and dissipated in the Oslo process and the pursuit of a state at the expense of national liberation. With his historic hunger strike […]
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