Saturday, January 31, 2015
Administrative Detention

Abdel-Alim Da'na, for the Electronic Intifada
Abdel-Alim Da'na, for the Electronic Intifada
Abdel-Alim Da’na, for the Electronic Intifada

Abdel-Alim Da’na, Palestinian political leader and professor, has joined his son in administrative detention, held without charge or trial on secret evidence. Da’na was among 13 prisoners issued administrative detention orders in the first week of December and one of 6 from Hebron. Click here to take action to demand Da’na’s release.

Bashar Da’na has been held in administrative detention without charge or trial. Abdel-Alim Da’na, 65, suffers from several diseases, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Palestinian journalist Mohammed Mona‘s detention without charge or trial was also renewed for the fourth time in this group of administrative detention orders. He has been held without charge or trial since 7 August 2013 and previously spent over 5 years in occupation prisons. Mona reports for Al-Quds Press.

Administrative detention orders are indefinitely renewable for periods of up to six months at one time. The 13 Palestinian political prisoners ordered to administrative detention in the first week of December are:

1. Abdel-Alim Da’na – Hebron – 3 months
2. Mohammed Aslan Harb – Qalandia refugee camp – 4 months
3. Qassem Hijazi Salem – Hebron – 4 months
4. Nimer Bassam Damaj – Jenin – 3 months
5. Omar Ibrahim Khatib – Hebron – 3 months
6. Bassam AbdulRahim Hammad – Ramallah – 4 months
7. Bashir Khaled Rajabi – Hebron – 6 months
8. Shadi Mahmoud Kufaisheh – Hebron – 3 months
9. Sajid Hassan al-Luqta – Hebron – 4 months
10. Mohammed Anwar Mona – Nablus – 4 months
11. Falah Tahir Nada – el-Bireh – 2 months
12. Raed Ali Shehadeh – Ramallah – 4 months
13. Khalil Musa Zawahra – Bethlehem – 4 months

farouk-ashourThe Israeli army arrested Hebron city council member Dr. Faruk A’shur on October 8, later placing him in administrative detention for three months, reported the Alternative Information Center.:

An optician, A’shur is a leading activist in local committees promoting the boycott of Israeli products by Palestinians in Hebron and the West Bank more generally. A’shur is also renowned for his selfless efforts to provide the best possible services to residents of the poor and marginalised neighbourhoods of Hebron, particularly those exposed to ongoing settler violence and Israeli military attacks. These efforts are particularly crucial in assisting families in these areas to remain steadfast in their homes despite the enormous difficulties of daily life there.

The Hebron Defense Committee, a coalition of social movements and political parties acting to defend Hebron and its residents against Israeli colonial policies and practices, has called for A’shur’s immediate release, as well as the release of all 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners.

In addition to issuing an administrative detention order against A’shur, in the last few days Israeli authorities have issued an additional 41 administrative detention orders for periods between two to six months. These orders are both news, as in the case of A’shur, and extensions of previously existing orders. Over 480 Palestinians are currently held in administrative detention, imprisonment without charges or trial.

The Hebron Municipality denounced the occupation authorities’ sentencing of a member of its municipal council to administrative detention. A’shur was arrested at a flying checkpoint on the road to Jericho after meeting his father coming from the Karama border crossing.

There are now well over 500 Palestinians held in administrative detention without charge or trial on the basis of secret evidence, reported the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.

On Sunday, October 12, occupation authorities issued administrative detention orders (both first-time orders and renewals) against 40 Palestinian detainees for periods of 3-6 months. These administrative detention orders are indefinitely renewable after they expire. There have been 83 administrative detention orders issued in the month of October.

Three of the administrative detainees: Azzam Salhab, Fadel Hamdan and Omar Matar, are elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. There are currently 29 members of PLC held in Israeli jails, 22 of them in administrative detention.

Palestinian MP Mohammed Bader
Palestinian MP Mohammed Bader
Palestinian MP Mohammed Bader

Occupation military courts renewed the administrative detention of Palestinian Legislative Council member Mohammed Bader for an additional six months on August 23. He was arrested in October 2013 and has spent over 10 years in occupation prisons through various arrests. This is the third time his detention without charge or trial has been renewed by occupation military courts. Bader is one of 36 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council currently imprisoned in Israeli occupation prisons.

Thaer Halahleh

Thaer Halahleh, former administrative detainee released after a long-term hunger strike until his recent re-arrest on August 19, was one of four Palestinians ordered to administrative detention on August 24 by occupation military courts without charge or trial. Halahleh, Mohammed Tal, and Suleiman Battat were ordered to six months detention each, while Thaer Abu Rmouz was ordered to four months detention.

In addition, the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that the Ofer military court issued ten administrative detention orders on August 23. Since June 2014, the use of administrative detention has more than doubled and there are now over 470 Palestinians held without charge or trial under administrative detention orders in Israeli jails. Said Abu Tahoun, Hani al-Hawarin, Mohammed Harizat, Samer Jaradat and Bashir Omreh were given six-month detention orders.

Mahmoud Hroub, Yousef Walwil and Hamdi Abu Zeid were issued four-month detention orders. Ahmed Ibrahim was sentenced to a two-month detention order and Hashim Ibrahim to one month.

Bahauddin Fathi Yaish

All of these administrative detention orders are indefinitely renewable and issued on the basis of secret evidence.

In addition, occupation authorities cancelled their previously expressed decision to end the administrative detention of Bahauddin Fathi Yaish, 54, of Nablus, and instead extended his detention for an additional 55 days. He has been detained without charge or trial since March 2013, and his detention has been repeatedly extended. He was scheduled for release on Tuesday, August 26, but now is held once more without charge or trial. Yaish is suffering from multiple diseases, including arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure, and is in poor health.

halahleh14 Palestinians, including former prisoner Thaer Halahleh, were arrested by Israeli occupation forces in raids throughout the West Bank late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, August 18 and 19. Halahleh, a former long-term hunger striker who also contracted hepatitis during prison dental surgery, had been released in May. He has spent over 9 years in occupation prisons, frequently in administrative detention without charge or trial.

Halahleh, 35, was one of four Palestinians arrested from al-Khalil area (Firas Oweiwi, Ahmad Oweiwi, Mohammed Jamal, Thaer Halahleh), 4 from Nablus (Ruslan Adali, Ahmad Adili, Musa al-Hindi, Ahmad Doghlass), 4 from Deir Estia near Salfit (Firas Fares, Fouad Diab, Yasser Awad, Ala’a Shaaban) and one from Burqin (Hani Ghanem) and another from Husan (Mohammd Adel Hamamrah).

One of the 62 Palestinian former prisoners released in the Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner exchange, Othman Musleh of Salfit, was released on Sunday, August 17. The occupation declined to renew its arrest of Musleh, unlike the other 61, who have been rounded up systematically since June.

monaDetained Palestinian journalist Mohammad Mona‘s detention without charge or trial was renewed by Ofer military court for four months late on Thursday, August 14. Mona has been held without charge or trial under administrative detention since August 7, 2013; this is the third time his administrative detention has been renewed.

Mona was taken from his home in Nablus as occupation forces ransacked his belongings and confiscated his belongings. He previously spent over 5 years in occupation prisons in several periods of detention. Mona reports for Al-Quds Press.

No charges have been presented against him, and he is being held allegedly on the basis of secret evidence. Al Muhja foundation reported that there are 14 Palestinian journalists currently held in occupation prisons.

prisOn Monday, August 4, occupation military courts extended administrative detention for 13 Palestinian prisoners held without charge or trial, reported Ahrar Center for Human Rights.

Over 445 prisoners are now held without charge or trial under administrative detention, an increase since the middle of last June by 133%, said Riad al-Ashqar. Over 1900 Palestinians were arrested during the mass arrest campaign, including 27 members of Palestinian Legislative Council and 62 former prisoners re-arrested after being freed in the Wafa al-Ahrar exchange agreement.

Nearly 265 of them have been sentenced to administrative detention so far, including 17 PLC members, raising the number of administrative detainees to 445 from 180. Al-Ashqar noted that the number is likely to rise in coming days as a number of people are still being interrogated and dozens are expected to be sent to administrative detention without charge or trial.

This increase in administrative detention comes after the 62-day strike by administrative detainees demanding an end to this arbitrary practice, which targets Palestinian political leaders, student activists, labor activists, and community organizers. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network joins the call to escalate the international campaign to end administrative detention even as the occupation is escalating its ongoing abuse of this policy of repression.

Israeli-army-arrest-palestinian-over-missing-settlers-july-2014During July 2014, nearly 2,000 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli occupation forces, reported the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies, including all sectors of Palestinian society. There are now over 6,200 Palestinians in occupation prisons.

Over 1,930 people were arrested in July, including 800 from the West Bank, 300 from Jerusalem, 630 from Occupied Palestine ’48 and 200 from Gaza. This includes 15 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and around 240 children, dozens of women, 62 former prisoners released in the Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner exchange, including Samer Issawi; many other former prisoners including former hunger striker Sheikh Khader Adnan; and journalists, activists and academics.

Over 630 Palestinians from Occupied Palestine ’48 were arrested in the mass demonstrations that swept the area following the murder of the teenage boy, Mohammed Abu Khudair, by settlers, as well as in arrest campaigns directed by the occupation in order to suppress protests and marches in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, following the launch of the occupation’s assault on Gaza at the beginning of July.

The 15 members of the PLC arrested in July followed the arrest of 12 more PLC members in June, following the occupation’s arrest campaign after the disappearance of three settlers near al-Khalil; and the escalation of arrests in Jerusalem also came in order to suppress the mass demonstrations and uprising emerging after the killing and burning of Abu Khdeir.

The 200 arrested from Gaza were forcibly rounded up by occupation ground troops invading the east of Gaza, taken to military camps and interrogated for hours or days by occupying forces as they continued their assault on Gaza. The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies noted numerous reports that occupation forces executed many prisoners after arresting them, either by firing on them directly or refusing to allow them treatment and letting them bleed to death. Over 20 prisoners from Gaza have lost members of their family in the assault on Gaza and many more have seen their homes demolished.

There are now more than 445 prisoners held without charge or trial under administrative detention, an increase of 133% over the number of administrative detainees in June.

Furthermore, 26 aggressive raids and assaults on prisoners took place in July, taking advantage of the occupation attack on Gaza to continue their abuse of prisoners and impose further repression upon them.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a statement that Israel ordered 238 administrative detentions sentences since the beginning of the military campaign in the West Bank on June 12. Administrative detention is the imprisonment of Palestinians without trial or charge, on secret evidence, for up to six month periods which are indefinitely renewable. Palestinians have spent years at a time in administrative detention.

These orders more than double the number of Palestinians held in administrative detention. Administrative detainees had previously engaged in a 62-day hunger strike, demanding an end to the practice which dates from the era of British mandate colonial control of Palestine. These 20 administrative detainees include Khader Adnan, whose lengthy hunger strike secured his release from administrative detention in 2012.

Palestinian artist and activist Husam Zakharia created the following image, on administrative detention and the role of the occupation courts for Palestinians:

husam zakharia

Lawmakers, ex-ministers and ex-prisoners are among the 238 administrative detainees since June 12.

1. Hussein Mrdawi, three months.
2. Khalid Masaid, four months.
3. Fathi Joulani, three months.
4. Bakr Said Bilal, six months.
5. Hussam Abu Labda, three months.
6. Muhannad Zaarour, three months.
7. Mutasem Stiteh, four months.
8. Imad Nofel, three months, parliamentarian.
9. Imad Abu Rihan, four months.
10. Ahmad al-Khatib, four months.
11. Zuheir Hussein, six months.
12. Muaz Obayyat, four months.
13. Youssef Walweil, four months.
14. Bashir Ziyada, three months.
15. Walid Bustanji, two months.
16. Ahmad Khairi Ibrahim, two months.
17. Muhammad Awwad Ibrahim, four months.
18. Muhannad Rabi, three months.
19. Ghassan Thawqan, three months.
20. Khader Adnan, six months.

tabeesh-123Ayman al-Tabeesh suspended his hunger strike on Monday, June 30 after 123 days of striking, following an agreement with the occupation prison services, reported Muhja Foundation. The final renewal of his administrative detention, beginning July 7, 2014 will be the last, according to the agreement, and he will be released on January 5, 2015.

Muhja Foundation said that “this agreement is a victory for the struggling prisoner Ayman Al-Tabeesh, who rejected all the pressures from the management of the Zionist prisons, and a victory for all prisoners in Israeli jails who are daily victorious with their empty stomachs over the racist prison administration.”

Al-Tabeesh, of Dura near al-Khalil, was born in 1980; he did not complete his university studies due to repeated arrests and has served over 10 years in occupation prisons, much of that time in administrative detention without charge or trial.

He previously engaged in a 105-day hunger strike in 2013, which ended with a similar agreement to not renew his detention; however, the occupation authorities broke the agreement and renewed his detention, causing him to renew his strike on February 28, 2014.

He is now in hospital and is suffering from stomach and heart issues. Islam Abdo of the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs “warned the prison administration from attempting to circumvent the agreement, especially as this is not the first time.” One prisoner, Musa Raed, remains on hunger strike for approximately one month, protesting the renewal of his administrative detention without charge or trial.